Composer in Residence

In January 2017, award winning composer Robert J. Bradshaw joined the MHS Orchestra as Composer-in-Residence. Mr. Bradshaw’s extensive body of work includes operas, ballets, symphonies, and chamber and solo compositions with a focus on producing socially relevant works.

Mr. Bradshaw collaboration with orchestra students began with a series of visits and will culminate with the debut of his compositions for each orchestra at the Spring Concert in May 2018.
In the first series of visits Mr. Bradshaw involved students in some exciting and engaging discussions in each of the orchestra classes. He introduced himself, started to get to know the students, discussed basic composition techniques, and further explained the exciting project for this spring.  This ongoing experience will help the students expand their understanding of music in many ways.
Throughout the next few months, all students were encouraged to come up with their own musical ideas and submit them to the project.  This included written musical ideas, recorded sounds, notes names written out, pictures drawn conveying musical ideas, poems written, and other various creative contributions. Mr. Bradshaw took elements from all of the submissions to compose brand new pieces of music for each orchestra and one combined finale for all the orchestras to perform together at the Spring 2018 Concert.
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