Get Involved

The Melrose Orchestrators group supports students involved in the orchestra programs of the Melrose Public Schools.  By working collaboratively with administrators and staff, the Melrose Orchestrators seeks to advance the educational and musical goals of the Melrose Orchestra program and bring greater access and awareness of the performing arts to the Melrose community.

Join the Orchestrators!

Who can join? Anyone who supports a MVMMS/MHS Orchestra student.

What would I do? Volunteer a bit of time to the Orchestrators. You can do as little or as much as you like: help at concerts, attend meetings, serve as an officer, work on a fundraiser…

Where? At concerts, events or meetings. Meetings are typically hosted by a volunteer member.

When?  There are typically four evening meetings per school year. 

Why? Because they can’t do it all on their own. Our Orchestra program offers so much to the students; music, community, and experiences. Giving back a bit of time allows the program to continue to thrive.

How?  Start by signing up! Then you might find yourself scooping at the next Ice Cream Social, sharing ideas at a meeting, helping set up for the banquet, collecting ticket donations at a concert, baking for the bake sale, or helping with fundraisers. These are just some of the many opportunities when you join: big or small – all of them matter!

All volunteers in the Melrose Schools must register and have an updated CORI with The Bridge.