The Orchestras

High School Orchestra

Melrose High School Orchestra students continue to develop playing skills, specifically focusing on advanced shifting/position work and bowing skills. Students continue 

to develop music reading skills, involving rhythmic understanding, and facility in a number of major and minor keys. While playing music from a variety of time periods and styles, students develop the ability to work together as individual sections, as well as a whole orchestra, to achieve excellence.



Melrose High School Orchestra students have the opportunity to audition for District/All State Festivals. Updated information on the festivals is available at

Advanced students may have the opportunity to audition to join the Melrose Symphony Orchestra in the fall. Student MSO musicians rehearse with the MSO once weekly in the evening and perform at all MSO concerts. See the Melrose Symphony website for more information on concerts:

Middle School Orchestra

As members of the Melrose Middle School Orchestra, students develop playing skills on one stringed instrument, develop music reading skills, learn about orchestral music from various cultures and time periods, create music through composition and improvisation, and improve ensemble, rehearsal, and performance techniques while building good ensemble communication skills.

Youth Orchestra

The Youth Orchestra is open to all Melrose students who have been playing a string instrument for at least one year. Youth Orchestra provides an exciting opportunity for students to learn to play their instruments with others and experience the music of a large ensemble. If your elementary school child is not currently playing a string instrument and is interested in group lessons at school, click the following link for more information Elementary Small Group Lessons.